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Shipping Policy

SHIPPING - Shipping is included in the price of each product. If you would like expedited shipping please send me a message on chat or email. if you have questions about your shipping please send me an email and I will send you a Square invoice for the exact amount to save you money at All items are shipped within 2-5 business days. With the exception of Made to Order items which can take longer.  We try very hard to ship as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your products. If there is a problem with your shipping please let us know as quickly as possible. 

Return Policy

Returns are accepted only if there is a problem with the actual manufacturer of the product itself. We try very hard to inspect our products as carefully as possible. We hope you enjoy our products. If there is a manufacturing problem with your product please let us know as soon as possible. All returns must be requested within seven days of purchase.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN WE WILL PROMPTLY SEND YOU ANOTHER PRODUCT OR CREDIT FOR ANOTHER ITEM! So you can enjoy your products as quickly as possible. If there is a problem with your shipping please let us know. 

Tie Dye - Tie Dye is an art form in itself. No two are alike. If you want one that is 'lighter or darker', please be specific when you order. We will do our best to comply. The picture will show a tie dye. We will try to get close, but as I said, no two are alike and if all we have is one of that style, that is what you will get. If you don't like it the return shipping AND the cost of shipping another one will be your responsibility. If you are picky, please send an email so we know what to send. If you are picky, there may be a wait. Waiting costs nothing...

JUNKGLAM ART SHOW - Some items sold on JUNKGLAM are refurbished and one of a kind. It is understood and noted in the item listing that these items are refurbished. That is why we have the title "JUNKGLAM'. We have many items which we refurbish. Please be aware. An item cannot be returned simply because it is a refurbished item and you did not read the description well enough to know, please read all descriptions thoroughly. 

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