Twelve Ways to Beat Depression is a cool little book that will help you identify ways to help you work on defeating depression. I use this book in my seminars and webinars. It is only about 3,000 words so you can get through it quickly. 


This is also offered as a webinar. See webinar page for upcoming dates. 


BACK OF THE BOOK - Finding balance in your life is key to living a peaceful life. People will try your patience and life will happen. How do you structure your life to live well? Each part of your life is a season. Too many times, people get in a hurry. When my children were young, it was time to raise my children. I went to every event. I watched them play sports and I was the mom who went on field trips with them. Their life was more important than mine. Depression was killing me and I had to find a way to balance my life. This journey took time but I finally learned how. This is my journey.


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Twelve Ways to Beat Depression - SIGNED COPY