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I sell at various locations. In the off chance that the exact canvas you wanted has sold, I will substitute one that is in the same design but maybe a little different. This does not happen often and I will do everything in my power to make sure you get the one you want. If you do not want a substitution please specify if your email and I will honor your wishes. When an art piece sells I take it down as quickly as I can but if I am at a show I cannot take it down immediately, please try to understand. These art pieces are originals and I can give you one close to it but cannot give you the exact one if it is sold at the same time. Please try to understand as things move quickly sometimes. READ ALL POLICIES BEFORE PURCHASING. Feel free to email me at to check for availability before purchasing. 

Product Info:

I have been painting for over forty years. I use quality stretched canvas or canvas boards. I stand behind my work. The only time a product will be returned and replaced with another product is if the product itself is defective. Please make sure this is the painting you want and look at the pictures. Smaller canvas do not get the kind of detail a larger canvas will, therefore the price is much less. Please do not expect a smaller canvas to have the kind of skill and detail a larger and more expensive canvas would have. I spend much less time on the smaller canvas than I do on the larger and more expensive ones. I thoroughly enjoy painting a small canvas, they just take less time and I charge a lot less for them. No refunds will be given, only credit for another product.

Tie Dye Information

We use quality T-shirts and articles of clothing in all of our dye processes along with a chemical process dye. The dye is colorfast and resistant to bleach and resistant to sunlight. This does not mean that it will not bleach if you add bleach. DO NOT BLEACH!! If you leave any piece of clothing outside over time it will fade. DO NOT leave your garment in the direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time or it will fade. If you take good care of your hand tied and hand dyed garment it will last and the colors will stay bright. DO NOT BLEACH! Use soap that does not have bleach in it and wash in cold water. ENJOY!! I will not replace anything that has been bleached. Wash with like colors. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

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