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Bookstore - Here you will find my books and links to webinars for each book as they are released.

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Bipolar Disorder Doesn't Have to be Depressing:

BACK OF THE BOOK: Slowly I slid to the floor as I watched the policeman buckle my children into the backseat of his police car, close the door and drive away. The knock on my door had startled me as I had not been expecting anyone. As I lay on the floor contemplating taking every pill in the bottles strewn across my bathoom countertop. I opened my eyes and surveyed the disaster before me. How had this happened? Slowly getting to my feet I found the bag of unopened trash bags and sat down amidst the piles of dirty clothes, trash and dog poop. I had to at least try. It took me eight days to clean the house and get my kids back. Now my home is clean, and my children are grown. This one instance started me on the road to recovery, from victim to victory. I am not a doctor, I am a survivor of mental illness! This is my journey from my diagnosis with bipolar disorder and depression, and psychiatric wards. I had to work within the court system to get my kids back. I also worked with Children Youth and Families and to learn how to keep my house clean, pay my bills on time and become a stable, productive member of society. This is my journey of hope!

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Coloring books are great for relaxation. The webinar for this book will be out soon and will teach you some hidden gems about this book and the agenda behind writing it. Stay tuned!

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This is also a coloring book and while I don't plan to do a webinar for it, it is smaller and will fit in your bag easily. Watch the webinar for one and use both. Don't forget the colored pencils!

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This little book comes in e-book form. It is a checklist of what to do to help with depression. 

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The story behind my journey to wellness is hidden in this little book. Perhaps it is the story of the struggle and my first big hurdle in over-coming my first difficult battle with bipolar disorder. I'm not sure which, either way it is a great little book and I'm excited to get started on the webinar, but not until I get the other webinars complete. Click on the Facebook link to the right and 'like' the page and follow me on Instagram to find out the updates of when these will be released.

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