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Danni Andrew

I started sewing when I was six years old. I had to cut the clothes off the dolls because I didn't know how to make them so they could be used again and again. My mom taught me how to use patterns when I was about 10-12 years old and her old sewing machine became my best friend. 

In high school I took every Home Ec class I could and I taught myself by reading and simply trying. When I was in my thirties I wen to work in an alterations shop and learned the trade.


I am mostly self-taught as a seamstress but I am holding my head high as I venture into the world of "Designer"! The house of Danni Andrew has been launched and I am pleased you have taken the time to see what I am doing and where this journey is going. 

Never give up on your dream! Do whatever you have to do to keep it alive and I am going to do that. Even if I have to work out of a shed in my backyard and give up the brick and mortar studio, I will continue to bring tie dye, artwork and now bohemian style skirts and accessories to the web. Namaste'... stay busy with sets your soul of fire!

Danni Andrew

Artist, Author and designer - design store - art store - more of my story


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